ARC Application Form

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) 

Application Form

To complete an application, the homeowner must submit:

  1. A completed application form.
  2. A thorough description of the proposed project.
  3. Property survey indicating location of the modification.
  4. Drawings, pictures, material samples, material selections specific to the modification. 

The ARC encourages tasteful and aesthetically pleasing architectural design consistent with the existing structures and landscaping within the Stillwaters community. The ARC takes into consideration the impact of any improvements to the surrounding neighbors and property. 

Modifications must be in compliance with the current Stillwaters Covenants and Design Guidelines that are posted under Documents of Importance on the Stillwaters web site.  A few examples of the most frequent modifications that need ARC approval are: Fences, Pools, Patios, Screen enclosures, driveway extensions, Pavers, play sets, pergola, Landscaping of height restrictive trees/shrubbery. 

Applications will be reviewed as quickly as possible but could take up to 30 days.  Review period does not commence until all documentation for the application is received by the ARC.  Work will NOT commence on any modification until the homeowner has received approval from the ARC. Approval by the ARC does not in any way guarantee approvals by the City, County or any such agencies and such approvals or permits are the responsibility of the applicant.